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Hanging Instructions




How to Hang Your BelleDangles In 5 Easy Steps


All you need is:
your BelleDangles Jewelry Organizer
a pencil
a level for accuracy
a drill with a drill bit - size 1/4 (North America) 

Step 1. Hold your organizer up to the wall. Place the level on top to make sure it's straight.

Step 2. Use a pencil to trace the holes on the wall.

Step 3. Put down the BelleDangles and use a drill and 1/4 drill bit to drill through the traced circles.

Step 4. Insert the anchors provided. Twist screws into the anchors leaving 1/4 in. space from the wall.

Step 5. Place the screws through the large hole of your BelleDangles and slide down. Tighten screws to secure.

*If you purchased a white BelleDangles use the provided screw covers. 


Start organizing and hanging all your jewelry and accessories. Enjoy!




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