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Hanging Instructions


How to Hang Your BelleDangles In 5 Easy Steps


All you need is:
your BelleDangles Jewelry Organizer
a pencil
a level for accuracy
a drill with a drill bit - size 1/4 (North America) 

Step 1. Hold your BelleDangles up to the wall where you wish to hang it. (We recommend your bedroom or a closet/wardrobe.)

Step 2. Place the level on top of the BelleDangles to make sure it is straight. While holding it straight, trace the circles of the holes with the pencil.

Step 3. Put the BelleDangles down and using your drill and drill bit, drill a hole in the wall. Insert the anchors provided.

Step 4. Hold the BelleDangles back up to the wall and hand twist the screws through the BelleDangles into the anchors.

Step 5. Tilt the top of the BelleDangles back towards the wall and using your drill tighten the screws securing it to the wall.

Start organizing and hanging all your jewelry and accessories. Enjoy!





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