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BelleDangles Introduces Its Jewellery & Accessory Wall Hanger


BelleDangles Introduces Its Jewellery & Accessory Wall Hanger and Offers a First Look at the BelleDangles 'Classic'

Wellington, New Zealand, 18 May 2009 (BelleDangles) – BelleDangles announced today that the long awaited BelleDangles jewellery and accessory wall hanger, the BelleDangles 'Classic', is now available for purchase on www.belledangles.co.nz. The BelleDangles product launch party is scheduled to be held at Madame Jo Jo's, on the first floor of Temperance, 17-19 Blair Street, Wellington at 7:30pm on 21 May, 2009.

BelleDangles is an accessory wall hanger that organises and displays all types of jewellery and accessories making collections easy to find, untangled and clutter free. The BelleDangles ‘Classic’ model neatly organises and displays up to 20 necklaces, 30 pairs of earrings, 20 bracelets, 20 rings or a combination of jewellery and accessories including hair bands, ties, scarves, belts, hats and handbags.

The launch party will include displays of how to hang and use BelleDangles, spot prizes, a raffle in which proceeds benefit the Child Cancer Foundation, free bangles for the first 50 guests in the door and the opportunity to purchase the BelleDangles 'Classic" .

"Every time I went to grab a necklace from my jewelry box it was tangled with three other necklaces," says Becca Falkowski, Designer and Co-founder. "Instead of having more time to get ready in the morning, I was spending that time untangling necklaces. It's a frustrating start to your day. The BelleDangles completely alleviates this hassle. It organises jewellery in a fashion that is aesthetically pleasing and practical. Now the only frustrating party is figuring out which accessory to wear!"

Designed for women all all ages, BelleDangles models the company's goal to add harmony to the busy lives that many women lead. "Organising our accessories really does add harmony to our lives and we are extremely proud and excited about the launch," says Diana Unay, Designer and Co-founder. "We designed BelleDangles for all of the women who have dealt with an entanglement of accessories. Our goal is for BelleDangles to ease those small daily burdens by helping women effortlessly sort through and find their jewellery and accessories while getting ready each day."

Stay tuned for the launch of additional BelleDangles products coming soon.

About BelleDangles:

Incorporated in New Zealand in August 2008 and in Florida, USA in May 2009, BelleDangles is an innovative product line of accessory wall hangers designed to organise and display all types of jewellery and accessories, making collections easy to find, untangled and clutter free. BelleDangles promotes style within tidiness for women of all ages as a chic way to display their jewellery and accessories. Alleviating the clutter and chaos of tangled, unorganised accessories creates a harmonious environment that saves times and reduces stress.

For more information, visit: www.belledangles.com.

Allison Nugent
www.BelleDangles.com, www.BelleDangles.co.nz
Office: 04-384-5873


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Product Features

The BelleDangles ‘Classic’ features a shelf on top, perfect for storing candles, frames and other accessories. The shelf is a great way to decorate the look while conveniently placing some of your most used items, such as sunglasses or perfume in perfect accessibility.

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