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Beispiel wie die arduino dhtlib eingesetzt wird.

Dht11 arduino beispiel. Nachdem du dein dht11 sensor gemäß schaltbild an dein arduino uno angeschlossen hast kann es schon losgehen mit dem programmieren. Dht11 digital temperature and humidity sensor is a composite sensor contains a calibrated digital signal output of the temperature and humidity. Vcc 5v data nc not connected pin and gnd from left to right.

Working version of the dht11 library for arduino. Arduino dht11 lcd connection circuit. I published this one since there a lots of various versions of the dht11 library for arduino floating around but most of them do not work with the current version of arduino ide.

Arduino dht11 test ino dht11 test sketch mit der dhtlib. 20 80 5 genauigkeit und im. A 10k ohm pull up resistor is needed between the signal line and 5v line to make sure the signal level stays high by default see the datasheet for more info.

Der dht11 sensor misst im luftfeuchtigkeitsbereich von ca. Falls du die dht library noch nicht in der arduino ide installiert hast ist es jetzt zeit dies nachzuholen. Dht11 humidity temperature sensor with 16x2 lcd display project showcase by onatto22.

Instantly share code notes and snippets. Ein kleines beispiel zum umgang mit dem dht11 temperatur und luftfeuchtigkeits sensor. Application of a dedicated digital modules collection technology and the temperature and humidity sensing technology to ensure that the product has high reliability and excellent long term stability.

A beginner tier project i hope will help the fellows that are newbies in the arduino world. Arduino library for dht11 dht22 etc temp humidity sensors. As show in the circuit schematic the dht11 sensor has 4 pins.

Power comes from separate 5v and ground wires. Arduino library for dht11 dht22 etc temperature humidity sensors adafruit dht sensor library. A pull up resistor should be added to the data pin with a value between 4 7k and 10k.

Dht11 und dht22 die sensoren dht11 und dht22 bieten die möglichkeit mit dem arduino die luftfeuchtigkeit und temperatur zu messen.

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